This is dedicated to the one I love – Part I (Originally posted Nov. 13, 2011 on my Blog)

With the holiday seasons are quickly approaching I find myself in a wealth of missed emotions, both a deep resounding sadness and a fond delighted love and joy. Why? Well, much to my combined families; my mother’s, father’s and husband’s, dismay our most recent losses have come during this time of year. This year is unfortunately no different; as we enter into this time we find my father-in-law is ill. However, though, my shining hope during this time of year is the reminder that nearly a decade ago my husband, Dean, entered my life. Wow, ten years, a decade, when you say it like that is seems so long ago. We met in late November/early December we met, ten years ago June we married, quite a little whirlwind that neither of us expected at the time. So, yes, in a nutshell, we have actually known each other for about as long as we’ve been married, in some ways that’s a good thing and in others —-ehhh, not so much. If you are reading this and you have PKU raise your hand. Now, keep your hand up if you understand first-hand what kind of special person it takes to dedicate their lives to one of us. This is a special kind of devotion and dedication unlike any other. Your parents are well, your parents, a partner chooses you. I am of the school of thought unless you have the occasion to marry someone you’ve known all your life or someone effected by PKU first hand they have no real clue what they are getting themselves into to start, no matter how much you try to prepared them. Now my situation is compiled by the fact that I was off diet when we met and married, although he knew about the PKU, he did not truly understand what it effected or did to me, he just knew me, crazy me. Actually to tell the truth Dean was very apprehensive about my return to my diet, actually asking how much it could potentially change my personality, because if it was much he was opposed to losing the Angie he knew and married. His concerns were for not, I’m still as crazy as ever, (mine is a special kind of crazy), the return only truly effected my day to day functioning and leveled my moods/emotions, didn’t truly change my personality at all, honestly I just have more good days than bad. I have read that for the most part many of you have partners that attend clinics with you and PKU social functions and classes, one that holds your hand every step of the way. KUDOS to you guys, Awesome, really, but not all us have that luxury. Dean, bless him, has an EXTREME aversion to hospitals and doctors, so what did he do??? Married me, a person that basically sometimes lives at the hospital., haha, but honestly when push comes to shove my success with my PKU treatment lays with me. He can’t make me do what I need to do so why should I subject him to an environment that he is truly uncomfortable with? Do I want him there holding my hand sometimes, yeah, but I understand and believe in devotion and strength manifests in other more important ways to out relationship. Dean leaves for work most days before or right at sun up and does not return until sundown , in fact just this week he completed a 12 days work stretch and if I’m having a bad day his work continues after he gets home. I read some of you out there who have not found that special person to stand by you or that you are young and wonder if it is possible. I say that it is, and that person is truly SPECAIL, being married to one of us is a unique calling and they a truly gifted and strong people. No one else really understands what happens behind our closed doors, during my recent trip to the hospital they decided I am now deemed mildly mentally impaired, how much this will progress as I get older nobody can say. My husband as hard as it is has chosen to sit by my side and watch this happen knowing ultimately he can do nothing about it and anyone who knows my Dean knows he’s a fixer, if something is broken he’s gotta fix it or he’ll nearly die trying so this is no easy task for him. But thus far we manage this journey together and will for many years to come. I know that I have not said everything I want to say or have on my heart to express, so call this part 1 of a series I will revisit from time to time.” 6 But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female.7 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8 and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:6-9


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