You find out who your friends are (originally from March 18, 2012 on my Blog)

Ok so it may be the concert I went to last night, but my title this go around is “you find out who your friends are” I’m borrowing this from a song by Tim McGraw and Tracey Lawerence it used to be my friend Kris’ ringtone, lol. The chorus goes something like this: “You find out who your friends are Somebody’s gonna drop everything Run out and crank up their car Hit the gas, get there fast Never stop to think ‘what’s in it for me?’ or ‘it’s way too far’ They just show on up with their big old heart You find out who your friends are.”  it’s a great song, look it up, but what inspires this blog is this last Wednesday I had the first of two planned benefit nights for The National PKU Food Bank. We successfully raised approximately $300.00. AWESOME!! And more keeps trickling in. Most of my thanks goes to my family (mom) and my church family and, of course, the weekend crew. They are the ones that made this event a true success, selling tickets, buying tickets, and just donating extra funds. This last Wednesday reminded me of what true support I have and that I m truly blessed. There are times that I feel (I know) I wear everyone out with my PKU crazy, but then God opens my eyes to remind me of the love that surrounds me everyday. True family and friends are always there when push comes to shove —even if what I do or how I am they get over it. Now, I do not want my family and friends that were unable to help or attend to read this, many come to me via Facebook or phone call to just offer me a kind word of encouragement in times that I need it. Those words are just as good as a physical show or an act. I felt a need to share this because like I said I feel (know) that I wear out those closest to me with my PKU crazy; the restrictions of eating, my moods, my exhaustion, light aversion, and the list goes on and on, if I feel this way I know you all probably do as well. I want to say this about that is DO NOT DISPAIR TOO MUCH MY LOVES—we all have a support system, you just need to discover it. It can be in forms you don’t even consider. Take my husband, for example, in outward appearance looks as though he is NOT interested in anything PKU, but Wednesday he worked the grill, not for a 2 hour shift as they recommend, but for the full 4 hours. and he will be taking 3 days off work this year, which we cannot truly afford, to accompany me the NPFB Family Fun Weekend in Mass. (He said we’ll figure it out) Having a support system is of the upmost importance to us PKUers. Not everyone “gets” us and when you find people that do it makes your bad days not so bad. With this day and age and era of social media we are all overwhelmingly blessed to be able to connect with kindred PKUers around the world as part of our support systems. So your missions should you choose to accept it: This week seek out and find your support system and thank them for all the do and put up with search high and low leave no stone unturned: Home Work Church Neighborhood Exercise Class School Clinic ETC.


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