Beauty for Ashes Training Journey

I have started putting together a vision board and game plan for the next year and future. Part of my vision includes attending some training and missions trips, which unfortunately requires funds. I plan on attending Beauty for Ashes Spring 2018 Facilitator Training in Gainesville, Georgia with a friend, Sandy. We have determined for both of us to attend we’ll need $2,000 to cover registration, transportation, food and lodging.

Some many things are happening in my life right now. I’m very blessed to have the support of friends like Sandy. I’m growing so much right now. I’m so excited to share my journey with everyone.

A little about the Beauty for Ashes Ministry…

Beauty for Ashes invites women into true freedom using the power of story to facilitate inner-healing in women’s lives. It’s a simple process tailored easily for day events or for deeper engagement through week-long retreats. The ministry offers a safe environment for women to exchange the ashes of isolation, shame, and wounds for crowns of beauty and restoration through the healing power of Jesus Christ. We invite the Holy Spirit to reveal the story of redemption God is writing in and through each woman.

We believe each woman’s story is powerful. With a supportive, open community, anything is possible. Stories are shared, connections made, and grace flourishes. Through this experience, women tap into their God-given destiny and be ambassadors for change in their homes, communities, and cultures.

🤔Please consider purchasing a t-shirt from our campaign.

⚠️The sale will be LIVE until December 11, 2017. (14 days left)

👕I have selected 4 different styles and several color options you can choose from.

📫Each shirt will be custom made and shipped to the buyer direct from the manufacturer after the sale ends.

📦Shirts will arrive you buyer between Dec. 20 & Jan. 2.

💙👕 We need to sell ONLY 5 Shirts to get the printing run👕💙


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